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k9 bracket

K9 Magnetic Attachment Bracket

Compact lightweight design allows the LED or fluorescent head to be mounted to any steel structure. The standard curly supply cord allows the battery unit to be placed on the floor while the head can be mounted up to three meters above. Adjustable so the light head can point straight down for maximum lighting benefit.

k9 tripod

K9 Tripod

Used in conjunction with the Supalite K9 battery pack. The tripod connects to the K9 base to give added stability.

  • Adjustable clamping locks
  • Non-conductive fibreglass sections from high strength layered GRP
  • Passivated steel hub and fittings
  • Compact storage
  • ‘Unjamable’ movement
  • K9 interlock for maximum stability
  • Strong but lightweight
  • Collapsed length 1.33m
  • Extended length 2.90m
  • Max footprint (Centre to leg) 0.6m
  • Weight 3.5Kg