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Prolink LED Linkable

Pro-Link linear lighting utilises the latest compact LED design to give reliable 35,000 hr average life linkable lighting solutions. Units can be run in series to give 90 units running off one 2.7KW generator. Typically the Pro-Link LED flood light uses only 33% of the power needed for equivalent fluorescent lighting. The Pro-Link LED flood lights are retrofittable to existing equipment including Cables / Mast / Bases / Generators.


  • Strong aluminium frame and case
  • No Glass – toughened polycarbonate lens
  • IP67 housing and electronics
  • Zero maintenance, sealed driver electronics

High Efficiency

  • 3,200 lumens per light head
  • 80-277V input AC 50-60Hz


  • Easy and quick to transport and setup

Product Code: PLL30LB

Optimised Light Output

  • 5800K (daylight white) from 25pcs 3030 LEDs
  • Adjustable light output angle
  • Optimised ‘Letter Box’ beam for linear work space
  • Power factor 0.97 – good electrical efficiency
Supalite Lantern

Supalite Lantern

Electronically controlled self powered fluorescent ‘Tilley’ lanterns and wander lead gripper lights, all producing 360° of brilliant white light. Bespoke 24 watt fluorescent lamp with daylight white 6400K colour temperature.

High intensity portable lighting without cumbersome and noisy generators all for the recharge of a few pence. Personal ‘Tilley’ worklight for tunnels and open spaces. Lighting rooms or offices in the event of a power failure. Ideal for working where ‘shadow contrast’ is a problem. Lanterns can be used at any angle or even upside down.


  • Fitted with super bright 24W daylight white fluorescent lamp
  • Up to 6 hours use high power, 10 hours use low power
  • Lightweight or long duration models
  • Usage – Emergency lighting in office or rooms in the event of a power failure, where portable lighting is needed quickly and quietly.
  • Dual Power mode
  • Battery – Sealed lead acid battery able to work at any angle.
  • Rugged sturdy case – Acts as stable base.
  • Anti vibration lamp mounting
  • Shatterproof reflector housing
  • Locking bulb retaining device
  • Sealed high efficiency electronics
  • Cold start ability
  • Directable anti-glare shield or lid reflector
  • Weight 5.7Kg


Ritelite Battery Chargers
Supalite Slimline LED

Supalite Slimline LED

A versatile and portable torch / worklight system designed for Patrol, Inspection and Emergency work situations. Torch and Worklight in one!

  • Torch: A comfortable moulded handle and shoulder strap makes directing and carrying the Supalite simple.
  • Light duration: Up to 8 hours from a single charge.
  • Rechargeable: Mains or vehicle
  • Reliable: Always ready to go. Can be left on charge permanently – ready to use. No memory effect problems with battery.
  • Robust: All components made of high quality durable materials to ensure maximum life under arduous conditions.
  • Narrow Body Case: Greater comfort when carrying.
  • Lightweight version: Supalite Slimline 500 LED
  • Versatile: Can be used as power source for Gripper lead lamp or other 12V DC devices
  • Compatible: With most of the Supalite products.
  • Construction: Rugged powder-coated case

Recharging: Can be recharged using all existing ‘supalite’ chargers, (available separately). A range of mains and vehicle chargers cover all applications. These fully automatic chargers are designed to enable the worklights to be left on charge thus guaranteeing full duration every time you need it.

  • Recharge Time: 6-7 hours – using mains charger Product Code. SL/PTC/UK-2.7/12
  • Dimensions: 330 x 140 x 300mm
  • Weight: 7.5Kg (Long run type), 5.5Kg (Light weight type)

Long Run Type – Duration: 8.4 hours

Light Weight Type – Duration: 4.2 hours

SLAMP500LED Supalite Slimline 500 – Light Weight
SLAMP1000LED Supalite Slimline 1000 – Long Run
Ritelite Battery Chargers
k9 bracket

K9 Magnetic Attachment Bracket

Compact lightweight design allows the LED or fluorescent head to be mounted to any steel structure. The standard curly supply cord allows the battery unit to be placed on the floor while the head can be mounted up to three meters above. Adjustable so the light head can point straight down for maximum lighting benefit.

k9 tripod

K9 Tripod

Used in conjunction with the Supalite K9 battery pack. The tripod connects to the K9 base to give added stability.

  • Adjustable clamping locks
  • Non-conductive fibreglass sections from high strength layered GRP
  • Passivated steel hub and fittings
  • Compact storage
  • ‘Unjamable’ movement
  • K9 interlock for maximum stability
  • Strong but lightweight
  • Collapsed length 1.33m
  • Extended length 2.90m
  • Max footprint (Centre to leg) 0.6m
  • Weight 3.5Kg