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Ritelite K65 Quad Pod Mobile Sports Lighting Towers light up the German Football Bundesliga!

Ritelite have recently supplied 8x K65-LED6-200w 6.5m LED mobile sports floodlighting towers to a German 1st Division Bundesliga football club for use on a full size 1st team training pitch and also by the youth academy.

Ritelite created Lighting Scans based on the exact pitch size to determine the optimum illumination of the playing surface. This enabled accurate positioning of the towers and each individual light head to maximize the light levels and achieve the optimum uniformity across the pitch. This solution can often be used to solve the typical problems associated with fixed lighting mast installations which require local authority planning permissions. A significantly lower investment cost and far greater flexibility are just two of additional key benefits of this solution.

The Quad Pods can be easily moved to any pitch where lighting is required, enabling facilities managers to more evenly spread the wear and tear on the playing surface across all of the pitches.

lux diagram bundesliga
lux diagram bundesliga

Video courtesy of Radio Bremen

Ritelite K50 Quad Pod Mobile Lighting Towers Light the way for the new Rolls Royce “Wraith” Promotional video

Ritelite’s K50 Quad Pods fitted with 4 Metal Halide Heads have recently been used by Beth Wightman to light the shoot for the new Rolls Royce “Wraith” Promotional video that was shot in the Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park, London in January 2016. Ritelite Staff attended and manned the lighting towers during the shoot to ensure the best light effect possible was achieved.