Mobile 360° Area Light


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Whatever illumination your task requires

360° area flood lighting

Directional area flood lighting

Why do you need a K45?

Flexibility to cover almost any remote lighting application

Typical portable/mobile area floodlights have a fixed beam angle which cannot be adjusted according to the task in hand. The Ritelite K45 can be configured with different beam angles to suit the user’s requirements.  In combination with its 3 independently adjustable light heads this gives you full control of the light projected, allowing you to achieve the optimum illumination for all of your working situations.

Maximum usable light

Lumens output only measures the amount of light emitted from the light source and not the amount of light projected onto your work task. Ritelite’s key design philosophy is to provide the highest level of “usable light” to the widest range of work task situations allowing you to do more with less equipment, lower energy consumption and a lower total cost of ownership.

Industry leading Ritelite Light Management System

The K45, with its industry-leading triple light head design incorporating the unique Ritelite Light Management System, puts the maximum amount of light where you need it for any application with the minimum energy consumption. Optional control sensors including motion and light sensors can be used to further reduce the energy consumption providing best in class illumination control and energy efficiency.

What Is Unique About The K45?

Maximum usable light in any application

Industry leading triple light head design + Ritelite Light Management System.

Safest mast deployment system

Electro-pneumatic mast system with push button control, coupled with a unique safety interlock system ensures class leading operator safety. The mast can only be raised when all four stability legs are correctly deployed.

Safety leg to mast interlock system

All 4 legs must be deployed to near ground level before the mast can be raised. This safety feature prevents incorrect and unsafe deployment of the unit.

Best in class power efficiency

Highly efficient LED light head and driver deliver a powerful 85,000 lumens at only 600W power consumption.

Crowd safety / Walkway mode

No trip hazard, can be fixed to existing structures eg. security fencing, without deployment of the legs.

Rapid, 1 person deployment

Easy handling with fast, simple and safe deployment system.

Mast safety lowering system

Stability sensor system automatically lowers the mast in critical conditions. Push button control to lower the mast after use.

Wireless control technology

Optional wireless remote control, motion and light sensors with full programming capability enable the K45 to be used in a wider range of applications including as a remote area security light.

Unique “Distance Flood” function

Creates an area lighting effect projected at a mid-distance from the mast.

Easy to transport

Compact stowed dimensions and low weight. Multiple units can be transported in a small vehicle.


LUMENS85,000 lumens (approx)
WIND RATING20 m/s- 45 mph
SIZE STOWED1.5m x 0.4m x 0.4m (approx)
WEIGHT75Kg (approx)

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