K8 LED Portable Worklight

K8 LED Portable Worklight

A versatile and portable LED torch / worklight system designed for patrol, inspection and emergency work situations.

A Portable Worklight that gives ultimate power, control and performance

A Torch and Worklight in one! The K8 LED is a versatile and portable LED torch / worklight system designed for patrol, inspection and emergency work situations. This product design represents the latest technology in LED portable lighting and is designed to be virtually maintenance free and robust enough to deal with the rigours of a harsh work environment.

The K8 LED is designed so that it can be run and charged at the same time should this be necessary, the on board charger provides enough power to charge as well as maintain power to the light at the same time.


K8 LED Light Modes

The K8 LED can be set up in two basic modes, torch mode and work light mode.

Torch mode: allows the user to carry the unit with the extension arm and head folded down and locked in position.

Worklight mode: allows the user to site the unit in a suitable position on the ground or on a tripod/ higher surface where the arm can be unlatched and swung up and into position. The light head can then be turned in either direction and the angle can adjusted as required.

K8 LED Light Management

The unit features a rotating vari-focus system to allow a tightly focused spot beam or a diffused flood of light so any working environment can be catered for. Rotate the bezel on the front of the K8 clockwise to gradually diffuse the light and anti clockwise to increase the spot intensity (fig 4). As the diffuser gradually passes over the LEDs you’ll notice the projected light pattern change and the intensity of the spot disappear but the intensity of the wide flood increase.

DC charge rack as standard

The K8 LED comes with a DC charge rack as standard (mains adaptor as an optional extra). The rack has a stable base to allow desktop use, or it can be separated to give the option of bulkhead mounting to a wall. The K8 LED charge rack also includes a safety locking mechanism which retains the K8 against accidental removal; this can also be locked closed with a padlock if required to prevent removal. The unit will recharge in the rack from any DC power source ranging from 10 to 30V.


The K8 LED is also weatherproof with an IP rating of IP66.

Battery Options

Three battery options are available offering a choice of duration including lead acid, a light weight lithium ion battery, and an extra long life lithium ion battery.

8 Ultra Bright LEDs

Fitted with a graduated patented focus system, the light output can be blended from a high power penetrating beam to diffused ‘shadow free’ light. Uniquely this transfer from spot to flood allows both light outputs to operate at the same time. It has 3 stage optical concentration, requires no maintenance and has an impressive life of 50,000 hours.

Flexible Arm

The K8 LED is fitted with a universal flexible arm. This allows the light output to be focused to the exact point required when undertaking any task. The arm will rotate through 120 degrees from the horizontal. The head will rotate through 360 degrees and pivot through 180 degrees.

LED mode selection

To change between modes, K8 uses a waterproof membrane to allow switching of 100% power, 66% power, 33% power, SOS flash and strobe modes.

Brightness Levels / Duration (Subject to ambient temperatures)

SLA BATTERY  Approx 4 hours  Approx 6 hours Approx 12 hours
LITHIUM 1 BATTERY Approx 8.5 hours  Approx 10.5 hours  Approx 21 hours
LITHIUM 2 BATTERY Approx 13 hours  Approx 19.5 hours Approx 39 hours

Additional height (Product Code SLK8LED/TRP)
This can be achieved using the available tripod system with adaptor and raises the height of the K8 up to approximately 2.5 metres making a very versatile area flood light system.

Mains Adaptor (Product Code SLK8LED/MC) Supalite K8 LED Mains Adaptor 100-240V AC allows the unit to be recharged from a mains supply opposed to just a vehicle supply.
Docking charge rack (Product Code SLK8LED/VC) Additional docking charge racks are available so you have the versatility of one in a vehicle and one in the work place, for example when connecting to the mains adaptor – SLK8LED/MC.

Remote Control (Product codes SLK8LED/HDR and needs SLK8LED/HND)
The optional remote control system allows complete control of brightness, modes and battery status allowing the unit to be placed out of reach yet with full control at your fingertips. In addition any number of extra K8 LED units can be automatically switched on and controlled by the one remote through the mesh networking technology employed. One button press can switch on over a hundred units instantly, each unit allows the signal to be rebroadcast so infinite distances and areas can be covered.

Wireless Emergency System (Product Codes SLK8LED/AMF and needs SLK8LED/HDR)
Using the same technology as the remote control this simple “plug in the wall” (or any 110V to 240V AC generator power source) will monitor the power then automatically broadcast a signal to all K8 LED’s to switch them on in a mains failure situation. This simple but effective solution makes a very versatile, wireless portable emergency lighting system, adding new levels of safety and convenience to the work environment.

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