K9 30 LED Portable Worklight

K9 30 LED Portable Worklight

A versatile and portable LED torch / worklight system designed for patrol, inspection and emergency work situations.

Ritelite K9 30 LED

A Portable Worklight that gives ultimate power, control and performance

A Torch, Worklight and Floodlight in one! The K9 30 LED is a versatile and portable LED torch / worklight system designed for patrol, inspection and emergency work situations. This product design represents the latest technology in LED portable lighting and is designed to be virtually maintenance free and robust enough to deal with the rigours of a harsh work environment.

The Ritelite K9 Can Be Used As A

Directional Area Floodlight

Long Distance Spot Light

Site Work Light

Ritelite portable work light

Torch Light

Ritelite portable work light

Why do you need the Ritelite K9?

Highly Flexible

Typical portable area floodlights have a fixed beam angle which cannot be adjusted according to the task in hand. The Ritelite K9 offers users both flood and spot beam angles and anything in between making it an ideal light for all applications. The K9 can be used as a handheld work light or extended up to 1.8M as an area floodlight.

Very Efficient

The unique K9 light management system ensures that all light is targeted towards the area required to achieve maximum light output with maximum battery efficiency. The K9 has a market leading LED driver system to ensure very little energy is wasted with the majority being converted to light to give a better, brighter light for longer.


The brightness levels of the K9 can be controlled to give longer light duration from one charge if required. One battery charge will give between 8 hours light at 100% to 110 hours light at 8% depending on ambient temperatures. The unique K9 light management system automatically reduces light levels as battery charge declines ensuring that operators are never left in the dark and have ample time to finish the job.

Suitable for all environments

The K9 is robust, ruggedized and designed to deal with the rigours of a harsh work environment. It is virtually maintenance free and suitable for a multitude of terrains and applications. The K9 has in built stability enhancing legs that allow the product to become an effective tripod system without the need to carry additional equipment.

Long Power Duration

The K9 has been designed to last at 100% for an average 8 hour shift ensuring high light levels can be maintained in critical situations when working remotely from a power source.

Flexible charging options

The Ritelite K9 can be charger or the product can be fitted with an optional inbuilt charging system to allow full automatic charging from and 12 or 24 volt vehicle increasing flexibility and applications.

K9 modes of use

Torch Mode

Torch mode allows the user to carry the unit with the extension arm and head folded down and locked in position

Worklight Mode

Worklight mode allows the user to site the unit in a suitable position on the ground or on a platform where the extension arm can be swung up and locked into position.

Floodlight Mode

The K9 has an inbuilt pair of fold out stability enhancing legs that allow the unit to become an effective tripod system without the need to carry additional equipment. Four quicklok extension poles fit compactly within the base enabling the light head to be used as an area floodlight with a height of 1.8M. The system is robust and quick to deploy with 360 degree movement possible.

Need All The Technical Specifications?

Unique Features of the K9

One Work Light Suitable For Every Task

No need to carry several products. Unique multi-function design means that the K9 can be used from a torch/search light to an area floodlight

Integrated Tripod System With 1.8m Working Height

No need to carry any additional equipment – Folding stabiliser legs and quick deploy extension poles are integrated into the base of the K9 to ensure enhanced stability on uneven surfaces.

Always Ready When You Need It Using The Mobile Charging Option

The optional in-built fast 12-24v DC mobile charger means you can keep your K9 fully charged and ready for use even on the move and in between tasks.

Unrivalled Performance To Size/Weight Ratio

Delivers maximum performance in any remote application. Compact design, easy to carry, with highest light output efficiency, coupled with minimal space claim in your vehicle.

Lightweight Lithium Battery Option For Increased Portability

Especially advantageous for use in difficult terrains e.g. mountain areas, or in emergency situations. Offers the same performance with a significant weight saving for ease of deployment over longer distances in extreme situations.

Adjustable Beam From Spot To Flood

The K9 is fitted with Ritelite’s unique diffuser to enable users to switch between a wide flood beam or a focused spot beam as required or even a combination of both.

Accidental Overload Protection

The K9 30 LED has an in-built M.C.B (Minature Circuit Breaker) which allows you to easily reset if over loaded. This prevents accidental overloading of the wiring if a high load is placed on either of the two outlet sockets.

Extension Cable

Heavy duty full retracting spiral extension cable – no need for additional extension cables.


The K9 30 LED has been constructed using high quality materials to produce a tough, long lasting product for the professional user. High impact engineering polymers combined with stainless steel fittings ensure the K9 30 LED is impervious to everyday knocks and bangs. The K9 30 LED employs an internal steel chassis to retain the battery. This construction makes the K9 30 LED a very strong robust unit, giving reliability throughout the K9 30 LED’s life.

Remote control system

The optional remote control system allows complete control of brightness, modes and battery status allowing the unit to be placed out of reach yet with full control at your fingertips. In addition any number of extra K9 30 LED units can be automatically switched on and controlled by the one remote through the mesh networking technology employed. One button press can switch on over a hundred units instantly, each unit allows the signal to be rebroadcast, so infinite distances and areas can be covered.
  • Maximum of 6,600 lumen light output
  • Brightness Levels / Duration (Subject to ambient temperatures)
    • 8% – Approx 110 hours
    • 25% – Approx 33 hours
    • 50% – Approx 16 hours
    • 75% – Approx 11 hours
    • 100% – Approx 8 hours
    • 125% – Approx 6 hours
  • Weight (Including extension poles): 11.8Kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 390mm x 195mm x 255mm

Additional height
The overall lamp head height can be lifted from 820mm – 1800mm by using four of the quicklok extension poles, which store conveniently in the base of the K9 30 LED. Simply slot and twist the poles together to create a quick extension pole system. With the in-built stability legs this creates a unique compact self-contained tripod system.

On board charging(Product Code K9-30/VP)
The optional in-built charging system (VEPAC) gives the user the option of charging from a 12 or 24 volt DC vehicle system without the need for additional equipment in the vehicle.

Remote Control (Product codes K9-30HDR + K9-30HND)
The optional remote control system allows operation of all the functions on the K9 30 LED from a distance of up to 100 metres.

Emergency System (Product codes K9-30/AMF + K9-30HDR)
Using the same technology as the remote control this simple “plug in the wall” (or any 110V to 240V AC generator power source) will monitor the power then automatically broadcast a signal to all K9 30 LED’s to switch them on in a mains failure situation. This simple but effective solution makes a very versatile, wireless portable emergency lighting system.

Branding Your K9

For orders of 10pcs or more Ritelite will personalise the branding of the K9 LED product to include a specific logo.

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