Quad Pod 2016

Portable Floodlights For Sports

The Quad Pod is a high power mobile outdoor floodlighting solution specifically designed for sports including Rugby, Football and Tennis

See Our Portable Floodlights In Action

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See Our Portable Floodlights In Action

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Why Do So Many Sports Clubs Choose Our Portable Floodlights?

Cheaper than a permanent floodlight system

No planning permission required

Allows evening training sessions on any sports pitch or area of the sports facility

Highly flexible – easy to manoeuvre to any location

One person deployment system – quick and easy setup

High power LED lights; generator or battery powered

New For 2016

More Light

New 200W Light Heads

200w light headsNew 200W Ultra Efficient High Power 24,000 lumen LED Head. Total for 6 head Quad pod up to 144,000 lumens.

The Quad pod is now fitted with the Latest Generation of High performance LED light source with new technology from Philips LED. These improved LEDs make the Quad Pod light source ultra bright, ultra efficient, rugged and reliable. Each 200W head offers an impressive 24,000 lumens of 6000K LED light.

Better Light Spread

New Optimised Lenses

new lensesNew Sports Optimised LED optics generates maximum light directed to playing surface achieving higher uniformity for users.

The Quad Pod LED heads now employs precision secondary optical lensing to ensure that the maximum yield from the LED light source is directed to where it is required at the playing surface. The lens is designed to work to optimise the light levels both in brightness and uniformity at the playing surface.

Faster Deployment

Under 2 Minutes!

New Faster deployment in less than 2 minutes due to improved leg retaining catches and high grip tension bars.

The new rubber strap and catch system allows rapid release and securing of the Quad Pod legs. The addition of a Friction grip on the Leg tie bars allows quick tension of legs even if ice or mud is present.

1 Step 1
What will my pitch look like & how many lights do I need?

Enter your pitch details and we'll send you a custom light diagram.

Pitch Widthft or m (approx) please specify
Pitch Lengthft or m (approx) please specify
Which sport do you want lighting for?

Linking electrical connections
Allows lighting towers to be linked together on one power supply

Automatic mast raise safety interlock
Prevents chance of mast lowering unless correct operation used

RCD electrical safety isolation
Instant power off should an electrical problem occur

Independently adjustable legs
Copes with uneven surface

Large low pressure footprint
Gives non-marking safe secure base

Built-in level gauge
Ensures vertical mast raise

Operator level luminaire on/off switch
No need to lower mast to turn luminaries on and off

Unique stand alone battery powered LED options
Can be used anywhere

Unique parallel mast design
Low centre of gravity for ease of handling without needing to remove the light heads

Integrated manual winch with automatic brake
Allows safe raising / lowering of the mast

Individual, fully adjustable light heads
Allows light to be adjusted to suit any application including a 360° light pattern

Mains and generator powered options
For use with existing power supply equipment

Hard wearing powder coated paint finish
Suitable for use in outdoor environments

Low pressure wheel / tyre option
Minimizes ground contact pressure and protects the playing surface

Automatic stowage lock
Prevents mast movement in storage or transport

5m Height, 4 x MH Heads 165Kg  192 x 77 x 70cm 237 x 237 x 554cm
5m Height, 6 x MH Heads  177Kg 192 x 77 x 70cm 237 x 237 x 554cm
6.5m Height, 4 x MH Heads 192Kg 192 x 77 x 75cm  377 x 377 x 657cm
6.5m Height, 6 x MH Heads 204Kg 192 x 77 x 75cm 377 x 377 x 657cm
5m Height, 4 x LED Heads 161Kg 192 x 77 x 70cm 237 x 237 x 554cm
5m Height, 6 x LED Heads 171Kg 192 x 77 x 70cm  237 x 237 x 554cm
6.5m Height, 4 x LED Heads 188Kg  192 x 77 x 75cm 377 x 377 x 657cm
6.5m Height, 6 x LED Heads 198Kg 192 x 77 x 75cm 377 x 377 x 657cm

The Quad Pod portable lighting solution can be powered in three ways:

  • AC mains power supply (110V – 250V AC)
  • Petrol or diesel generators
  • High power rechargeable battery system
    • No emissions
    • No cables
    • Enables product to be used in any location
    • Standard run time @2.5 hours (others upon request)
    • Fully rechargeable system including high performance multi-stage battery charger options


K50/MH4 5 metres 4 Metal Halide
K50/MH6 5 metres 6 Metal Halide
K65/MH4 6.5 metres 4 Metal Halide
K65/MH6 6.5 metres 6 Metal Halide
K50/LED4 5 metres 4 LED
K50/LED6 5 metres 6 LED
K65/LED4 6.5 metres 4 LED
K65/LED6 6.5 metres 6 LED

Extension Leads
Extension leads are available in a variety of lengths to meet customer requirements.

Wheel Options
Two standard wheel options are offered to provide the maximum stability, optimum handling and minimum ground impact on a range of surfaces:

  1. Low profile wheels / tyres – particularly suitable for hard / dry surfaces
  2. Low pressure pneumatic wheels / tyres – particularly suitable for grassed or uneven surfaces and for use in wet conditions


How To Set Up And Take Down The Quad Pod

Quad Pod In Action For Rugby Training

Quad Pod In Action In The UK

Quad Pod In Action In The Bundesliga, Germany

Ritelite Quad Pod Used In The Bundesliga
Ritelite have recently supplied 8x LED mobile sports floodlighting towers to a German 1st Division Bundesliga football club for use on a full size 1st team training pitch.

Ritelite Mobile Lighting Towers Light the way for a new Rolls Royce video
Ritelite’s K50 Quad Pods  have recently been used to light the shoot for the new Rolls Royce “Wraith” Promotional video that was shot in the Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park, London.

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Funding Options

There are grants available from various organisations that could be applied to in order to assist in the purchase of the Quad Pod Mobile lighting products. Below are some links to possible relevant grants from funding bodies.