Supalite Lantern

Supalite Lantern

Electronically controlled self powered fluorescent ‘Tilley’ lanterns and wander lead gripper lights, all producing 360° of brilliant white light. Bespoke 24 watt fluorescent lamp with daylight white 6400K colour temperature.

High intensity portable lighting without cumbersome and noisy generators all for the recharge of a few pence. Personal ‘Tilley’ worklight for tunnels and open spaces. Lighting rooms or offices in the event of a power failure. Ideal for working where ‘shadow contrast’ is a problem. Lanterns can be used at any angle or even upside down.


  • Fitted with super bright 24W daylight white fluorescent lamp
  • Up to 6 hours use high power, 10 hours use low power
  • Lightweight or long duration models
  • Usage – Emergency lighting in office or rooms in the event of a power failure, where portable lighting is needed quickly and quietly.
  • Dual Power mode
  • Battery – Sealed lead acid battery able to work at any angle.
  • Rugged sturdy case – Acts as stable base.
  • Anti vibration lamp mounting
  • Shatterproof reflector housing
  • Locking bulb retaining device
  • Sealed high efficiency electronics
  • Cold start ability
  • Directable anti-glare shield or lid reflector
  • Weight 5.7Kg


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